Who we are

Become the CEO of your career

The Career Intelligence Academy was founded by Anita Rolls in 2014 based on her real-world experiences during her own 20-year "career odyssey" through law, finance, marketing and learning & development roles in global organisations.

Our mission is to empower people to take charge of their own career development first so they can then empower others to develop theirs. 

Our flagship Career Intelligence Programme has been delivered in organisations across the world to hundreds of employees and managers. We now offer our programmes as instructor-led virtual workshops as well as in an online self-paced format with one-to-one virtual tutorials and coaching. 

What Is Our Approach?

We believe that to be truly energised at work, you need to connect who you are (as a person) with what you do and how you do it.

But figuring this out on your own isn’t easy and, let’s face it, most of us are too busy “in” the day to day of our work, to step back and think about where we're heading in our careers.

Career Intelligence is a framework that is designed to help people join the dots between what matters to them most and what they want to do in their work.

All our courses will help you make more sense of things so you can figure out how to move forward in a way that’s meaningful for you.

We get that it’s harder than ever to find your place in the new world of work because we’ve been there ourselves. The good news is that there are now more career opportunities today than any time in history. With the Career Intelligence Academy beside you, you don’t need to be one of the many talented, hardworking and ambitious people struggling…

…to get started in a direction they want,

…to get ahead in the organisation they are in, which no longer has any defined career paths,

…to find their place in a constantly changing workplace.

Let us help you sort through the chaos, decide what you really want and make it happen. In a way that feels authentic for you!

It’s what we love doing! 

Meet our Founder

Anita Rolls is a professionally qualified and accredited Executive Coach (CPCC and AoEC Advanced Practitioner Diploman, ICF PCC). She is passionate about developing coaches and is an experienced Coach Supervisor and Mentor Coach. She also enjoys training coaches and is a member of the associate faculty of the Academy of Exectuive Coaching for their Practitioner Diploma. 

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